Τhe PAPAIOANNOU law office is composed by the following members :

Vassiliki Papaioannou - Merle des Isles

- Vassiliki PAPAIOANNOU - Merle des Isles, Attorney-at-law at the Paris and Athens Courts, specialized in commercial law, business law, international business law, corporate law, public construction law, labor and employment law and inheritance law.

Languages: french, english, greek

Diane Picandet

- Diane Picandet, Attorney-at-law at Paris Court, specialized in business law, commercial law, intellectual property law, civil law and contracts law.

Languages: French, English


Gregory Deliyiannis

- Gregory-Luc DELIYIANNIS, Attorney-at-law at the Athens Court, specialized in civil law, commercial law, real estate law and road accidents victims law. Former associate of our law office in Paris during many years he is actually external associate for issues of european law. He is also Counsellor of the companies « ETHNIKI AEEGA » and « EFG EUROBANK ».

Languages: french, english, spanish, greek

Panayiotis Poulis

- Panayiotis POULIS, Attorney-at-law at the Appeal Court of Athens, specialized in real estate and hiring practises law, succession law, road accidents victims law, commercial law and general practise.

Languages: french, english, spanish, greek