Company Profile of the Law Office Papaioannou, French & Greek Law

Law office specializes in French and Greek law

The firm was established in 1989 by Vassiliki Papaioannou - Merle des Isles, member of the Paris and of Athens Bars, who lives and works in Paris.

A graduate of the Department of Law at Athens University (Master of Law) and of the University of Paris X (Master of Sociology et DEA of social law) Vassiliki PAPAIOANNOU specializes in business law (french and greek), international commercial law, corporate law (french and greek), public works law (french and greek), employment law (french), and inheritance law (greek).

She has represented several Franco-Greek consortia on a number of large building projects in Greece (Athens airport, the Rion Bridge, car parks in Athens) and she has repeatedly negotiated for her clients with the Greek authorities (Greek government, Ministry of Public works and Environment, Municipality of Thessaloniki).

She has also represented several French institutions (Caisse nationale d'assurance maladie, Caisses primaires d'assurance maladie, Ministère de la défense, Centre français de fiscalité) in cases in Greece and France.

Thanks to her dual qualifications in French and Greek law, her dual membership of the Paris and Athens Bar, and her knowledge of French, Greek and English, Vassiliki Papaioannou - Merle des Isles is also an advisor to a clientele of company and individual clients from both countries, on projects or business in France or Greece (buying or setting up companies, opening subsidiaries in Greece or France, export, contracts, successions).

With her experience in international commercial law and thanks to a network of foreign lawyers on a high level established over a number of years, Vassiliki PAPAIOANNOU is able to intervene in other countries such as the United States, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, and the North-African countries.

Vassiliki PAPAIOANNOU is the author of several publications some of which are reproduced on this site (see "publications").

In order to guarantee personalized legal advice of excellent quality for her clients, Vassiliki Papaioannou - Merle des Isles sees it as vital to work in direct contact with a select clientele, and to ensure personal commitment to the work on all the different cases. PAPAIOANNOU and ASSOCIATES attaches high importance to prompt and efficient intervention with respect to the delays and deadlines determined, and perfect transparency with its clients in their cases’ analysis, in order to ensure them a safe evaluation of the risks and chances of success.

Law office specializes in French and Greek law